“Ancar has been offering chair solutions for more than 60 years and has been focusing on the dental sector for more than 30 years. During this time we have been growing significantly as a brand within the industry. In recent years we have used our accumulated experience to evolve, forging an increasingly strong identity of our own.

This work has led us to initiate a change at all levels to contribute to continue developing ourselves as a brand. From all this process and work, the new S Line has been born. We are facing a new stage of the company.”

Antoni Carles, CEO

Full cycle production

Aluminium’s strength and durability is trusted in the most extreme environments, where strength, safety and durability are critical. It is naturally corrosion resistant, which helps maintain a unit’s structure and to increase lifespan. A part from that, the material is lightweight and will not crack or change colour over the years. Your unit, 10 years from now, will look as bright and shiny as the first day. 

Hand-made for your needs

Ancar is known for its excellent craftmanship and quality of materials. All our units are made of an anticorrosive aluminium alloy, casted at a local aluminium foundry, that make our dental units last for years. No cracking, no discoloration. Shiny, strong and dependable treatment centers that represent ours and your dental practice’s quality and craftmanship.

Made by
people for people

Every dental unit is unique and made by hand with multiple quality control sessions