Extremely easy and soft movements

The new arm consists of a self-compensated system by gas piston and without additional brake, which allows the doctor to position the tray and lock it automatically into place. Without having to press any button. Our smartly designed instrument tray allows instruments to be placed at optimal ergonomic positions. The tray can also be moved to the assistant side for a smooth and efficient workflow.

Built to last

You only need to handle the unit to feel the quality of the materials and the strength of the aluminium. This is a unit that will last for years without discolouration and stay as beautiful as on the very first day.

Innovative ergonomics

The ergonomic handles, adjustable instrument holders and long instrument hoses improve the dental professional’s work. An easier and safer workflow. Preventing musculoskeletal strain. The design of the S line represents a mix between our Mediterranean character and our inspiration towards minimalist trends.