The excellence
of the S Line

It is one of the most advanced dental units on the market, containing
all the latest innovations.

S LINE is the latest offering from Ancar, a collection of 12 unique dental units designed to simplify your daily treatments. The units combine cutting-edge technology, ergonomics and, of course, the robustness and workmanship you have come to expect from Ancar.

Packed with a range of features, the S LINE units are fully customizable to meet your own taste and needs. With ease-of-use in mind, the units have been designed to offer a variety of working positions and have a corrosion-resistant body made of an aluminium alloy to ensure continued enjoyment of the unit for decades.  

Each S LINE unit comes with the TOUCH EXPERT PRO touch screen tablet, based on Android technology, that is as easy to operate as your own smartphone. Thanks to TOUCH EXPERT PRO, just about everything can be programmed so that each treatment is faster and more precise, saving you time by eliminating unnecessary operations.

The S LINE range is available in two series: S3 and S5: The S3 series has a patient chair that is separate from the hydric box, whereas the S5 series is equipped with a floating patient chair that is suspended from the hydric box. With both series, there is a choice of either a standard patient chair or a reclining chair with folding leg support.

You will be amazed by what the S LINE has to offer. For a demonstration or for more information, please contact your nearest Ancar dealer.